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People development

The workforce is base for the creation of value at our organization. In total, 38,700 employees (including croppers, trainees and apprentices) and 36,700 contractors (based on December/2011) work in our operations, and one of our commitments is caring for the welfare, health and safety of all these people.

Our human resources policies favor developing internal talent to meet the strategic needs of our businesses.

To reinforce this goal, we have the Votorantim Development System (VDS), which aligns the various people management processes, respecting and valuing the Votorantim identity, which is composed of Vision, Values, Aspirations, Management Beliefs and Principles of Sustainability.

The Votorantim Identity corresponds to our "Way of Being and Acting" and is the set of aspects that guide our work and are expressed through our relationships, attitudes, behaviors and in our products, processes and results.

The Management Beliefs are the principles that define and guide the Organization's management style, guiding our behavior as individuals and as a Company. Beliefs guide the way we act and seek to align our Values and business ambitions with our policies and practices, leading to a high-performance Organization.

For our professionals, we are striving continually to build a work environment people feel happy to be part of and have horizons for both personal and professional growth.